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Mask, 1995. Courtesy Lisa and John Runyon.


Negation of the Universe

11 APRIL - 10 AUGUST 2014

In his first US solo museum exhibition, Richard Phillips brings his exploration of contemporary culture to Dallas. His strikingly distinctive paintings address the complex web of pop themes in our media-saturated world – sexuality, politics, power and death among them. For Phillips, critique is as much an intrinsic material in the conception and staging of his work as the materials of their making. His conflating of subject and genre continues to provide challenging comment on the condition and reach of contemporary art.

In a style that both challenges and embraces classical painting techniques, Phillips positions modern day figures within the art historical canon. His subject matter ranges between political figures like George Bush and pop culture icons like Dakota Fanning, Lindsay Lohan and Sasha Gray, as well as found imagery from media sources past and present. While painting remains the backbone of Phillips' work, his most recent works explore other modes of image production - through short films, photographic stills and sculptures.

Presented in tandem with his monumental outdoor sculpture, Playboy Marfa, which will be installed outside Dallas Contemporary in March, Phillips’ exhibition will feature both past and new works that emphasize his career-long exploration of political and social identity, consumerism, eroticized desire and social constructs.


Untitled (Milton Puffy Clouds Strong Cocktails), 2005. Courtesy the artist and Gagosian Gallery.


An Artist Has A Past (Puffy Clouds and Strong Cocktails)
13 Paintings Over The Last Decade

11 APRIL - 10 AUGUST 2014

Julian Schnabel is a painter as well as a sculptor, writer and Academy Award nominated filmmaker. His monumental paintings fuse layers of materials, sources and subject matter to capture and freeze larger narratives that resonate with a poetry beyond the picture plane. By fabricating and staging his own reality in each work, Schnabel takes complete control, contrasting banal situations and a subliminal world of conflict. According to Schnabel, his paintings feel like films, his films feel like sculptures, and his sculptures feel like paintings.

Schnabel moved to Brownsville, Texas from Brooklyn, New York in 1965 and attended the University of Houston from 1969-1973. Veering away from the prominent practice of minimalism and conceptual art of the 1970s, Schnabel began an exploration of sculptural painting. His handling of fragmented material, specifically demonstrated in his well-known plate paintings, propelled him to the center of the international art world. This is Schnabel’s first museum exhibition in Texas since 1982.


Citywide Street Mural Project


Dallas Contemporary has invited Los Angeles based street artist SHEPARD FAIREY to create more than 12 murals throughout the city with a focus on West Dallas. Known for his iconic designed President Obama HOPE poster, Fairey has worked as an artist creating works on the streets and globally in public spaces using posters, stickers, wheat paste and painted murals.

CLICK HERE to view mural location map.
Shepard Fairey mural. Courtesy the artist.

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